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Ancient Vineyards. Modern-Day Sustainability.

Our Ecofriendly Winemaking Practices.

At our vineyards and winery in Eger, Hungary, we are committed to producing wine in the most thoughtful, ethical, and ecologically responsible ways. We follow sustainable farming principles, support regenerative viticulture, and adhere to strict quality control standards. From sustainably managing the soil to employing conscientious practices throughout production, we aim to make as little impact on the environment as possible.


How We Make Red, White and Green Wine.

Environmentally Conscious Farming

We avoid the use of synthetic chemicals, relying on all-natural methods for pest and disease control, soil fertility management, and overall vineyard health, including the vitality of our bird, bug, and bee population.


Soil Regeneration

We employ numerous regenerative viticulture practices such as minimal tilling, composting and cover cropping to improve soil structure, nutrient content, vine root development, and water retention.


Water Conservation

We adhere to efficient water management practices to reduce waste, including dry farming our vineyards to not strain the local water supply.


Pure Practices

In addition to utilizing natural growing components, we do not use artificial colors or flavors to enhance the appearance or taste of our wines.

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