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Who's Nimrod?

Warrior. Wonderer. Winemaker.

Meet our Namesake.

What kind of man swims across the Gulf of Trieste to Italy to escape the Iron Curtain, becomes a Hungarian refugee, and then becomes an internationally successful businessman and winemaker?


Nimród Kovács, that’s who.

At age 21, Nimród went on holiday and did not return. Instead, he swam to Italy from the coast of modern-day Slovenia and gained asylum in the United States. He landed in Colorado and put himself through college waiting tables in downtown Denver where his passion for wine first began.

After graduating from the University of Colorado Boulder and the Thunderbird School of Global Management in Phoenix, Nimród climbed the ladder of corporate America, starting on New York’s Madison Avenue and eventually transitioning from ad man to cable television executive. He then returned to his homeland to oversee the launch of cable television and HBO in Hungary and Eastern Europe.

To celebrate his successful 35+ corporate career, Nimród rebuilt a winery in the Burgundy-reminiscent hills of Hungary’s Eger wine region, naming it the Kovács Nimród Winery after extensive renovation and replanting, and has been raising a glass to life ever since.


Nimrod is no fool.

Named after a mighty hunter from Hungarian mythology, Nimród is no fool. He knows the type of soil that yields the finest grapes. He knows the ancient – and modern – practices that produce the most aromatic wines. And he knows what wine lovers want in every pour. A good nose, a good body, and a great story. Bold, forward, and complex like the wine he produces, Nimród infuses passion, soul, and imagination into every vintage he bottles.

You’d be a fool not to sniff, swirl, sip and serve them.

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If you speak wine, you speak Hungarian.