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All that jazz

(Includes x1 bottle of: Blues, Rhapsody, Soul, and Noir)
Jazz is a music of intimacy and spontaneity that is often inspired by a passing idea or feeling, which is then transformed into a blooming masterpiece of complexity, where the journey takes precedence. Just like jazz music, our Blues, Rhapsody, Soul, and Noir all inspire you to take a journey through the different varietals that call Eger, Hungary their stage. Eger’s cooler climate is perfect for these wines, allowing them to develop slowly into their own unique compositions and renditions of the varietals that compose them. Just like a saxophone or trumpet, each varietal acts as the guiding sound, but just like how a musician adds their own flare to the sound produced, each terroir and winemaker adds their own unique twist to each wine.
Blues is composed of 100% Kekfrankos. Sometimes serious, at other times playful; sometimes simple, while at other times complex; sometimes soft, other times energetic; Always pure. These are the characteristics of a great blues song or a good kekfrankos.
Rhapsody in blue or the experience of diversity, is the perfect marriage of five varietals into a harmonious masterpiece. Liszt and Gershwin are two separate worlds, but if we had to choose between them we would miss out on a wonderful experience. So instead we should just sit back and enjoy both, just as our Rhapsody shows with its many varietals!
Soul is composed of 100% Syrah and just like the music this wine packs intensity, depth, and boldness, a true expression of what Syrah can do in Eger.
Noir, the birth of the cool. Imagine Paris in 1949. Legendary times. The genius Miles Davis's plane lands in the French capital, bringing with him his new sound, the Cool. When tasting our wine, you will discover this Cool magic.
$59.00 per Bottle
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