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 Nagy Eged: Our Grand Cru Terroir

Nagy Eged is our premier terroir in the Eger wine region of Hungary and holds the distinction of being designated as Grand Cru.

Located at GPS cordinates: 47.926149,20.418516, Nagy Eged faces south by southwest and is extremely steep sloping. This premier site is charaterised by top soil that is less than 1 meter thick, which sits upon a giant limestone deposit. Our vineyard here at Nagy Eged ranges between 350 and 550 meters above sea level and lives in a high stress enviroment, pairing well with the unique microclimate that resides over the region. Thus, when these many factors come together, they result in grape varietals that produce highly concentrated, mineral rich wines, that each highlight the unique characteristics of Nagy Eged.

At this site we grow the local Hungarian varietals of Furmint and Kékfrankos, but also Pinot Noir, Syrah, Cabernet Franc, and Merlot. From these grapes we produce only our top three wines, which are our Furmint, NJK, and Grand Bleu, which are stunning examples of what the Eger wine region is capable of producing. Locally, Nagy Eged is regarded as the best terroir, so it is only fitting that we would produce our best wines here, which are our Grand Bleu, Furmint, and NJK, all of which can be purchased at our webshop if you click here.

Our flagship trio comes from Nagy Eged and includes the three following wines: Furmint, Grand Bleu, and the NJK Below are some photos from the harvest of 2011, which shows how steep and beautiful this site is.